To suppliers

The strategic partnership with Golden House Group is a mutually beneficial cooperation in many directions. Work with us bears a number of conclusive advantages:

To suppliers and producers:
• The guaranteed and growing sales volume
• Recognition growth at the expense of wider representation of your goods on regiments of shops of the Offer of new sales markets, thanks to active expansion to regions
• Optimization of expenses on goods delivery
• Accuracy of calculations and accuracy of payments

The company suggests suppliers to join the program of factoring of Golden House Group of Finance. Participants of the program receive a number of advantages:
• Bezzalogovoye financing to 90 % from the sum of deliveries on the basis of the notice signed by the company;
• The long-term contract on replenishment of current assets;
• Increase in financing in process of sales volume growth;
• Convenient planning of cash flows;
• Convenient control and management of receivables.
The main criterion of an assessment of the supplier of cо of the party of our financial partners is quality of work of the first. Thereby, among our suppliers participating in the program, the companies of the different size and different financial possibilities are presented.
Proposals of each of financial partners of the program have a number of the features with which it is possible to familiarize, having followed the link:

Pursuing open policy, the company defines on a tender basis the following requirements to suppliers:
• All production of the Supplier has unconditional and constant quality;
• All considered to input in a network production of the Supplier should be demanded in the market and have leading situation on sales in the commodity category;
• The logistics of the Supplier provides uninterrupted movement of the goods and the relevant documents;
Requirements to the goods:
• The goods have unconditional and constant quality;
• The goods are demanded by the buyer (is present at the majority of outlets of the city);
• The goods satisfy to inquiries of buyers and the company at the price;
• The goods are delivered by the Supplier smoothly;
• The goods are packed up by the Supplier;
• The goods should come to a warehouse on pallets;
• Packing of the goods should maintain not less than 5 overloads;

Delivery draft agreement
How to become the supplier, wishing to enter business relations of c of Golden House Group should execute given below a condition. After we received a full package of proposals both all necessary documents and materials, we will process this information and we will tell you the decision.
Learn more about Golden House Group.
To correspond to requirements of the company and to make worthy impression, it is expedient to learn about business of our company, to understand conditions and to estimate advantages of work with us.
For this purpose:
• be convinced that you understood, who such Client of Golden House Group and as yours production and service will answer its inquiries.
Package of proposals
Please pay attention that it is necessary to provide all demanded information containing the initial offer on yours to production and service.
In addition provide:
• general information on your company;
• copy of the certificate of conformity;
• a sample of your production with the indication of the price and information on a product;
• documents on a financial condition of the company.

Quality monitoring system
The monitoring system of quality of foodstuff, covering all trading divisions is at an introduction stage.

The monitoring system of quality Golden House Group being in continuous improvement, includes all stages: from entrance control till sale.

Our suppliers accept a condition about regular random inspection of samples. Besides, annually there is an improvement of system of audit: samples of food pass the careful analysis of contents, its safety for the use in the independent accredited laboratories on the basis of the general requirements and regulations of providing a quality assurance

Also, on a level with the detailed analysis of the producer we carry out careful check of finished goods. Employees attentively study delivered foodstuff on the basis of so-called "touch" criterion, I include appearance of production. The goods of an animal origin pass veterinary examination of independent inspectors, the civil servants who are constantly present in warehouses. Besides, we resort to services of the independent third parties for regular carrying out examination of samples of the goods delivered to us.
Golden House Group cooperates with 3 leading Russian laboratories, which main objective – the analysis of the provided samples on the safe use and dangerous and/or undesirable components.

Besides quality control control of entering documentation was entered: certificates of quality and compliance, statement (declaration) of compliance, veterinary certificates etc.

The company also is engaged in a direct import.
The imported goods arrive on the central import warehouse.
When processing the goods it is used modern logistic technologies.

The logistics provides timely delivery of the goods, control of quality of production at all stages of transportations, and also allows to reduce product cost, having reduced number of intermediaries in a chain of deliveries.

Advertizing (tastings and actions)

Thanks to the unique concept, Golden House Group knows all the clients and consequently can arrange promotion actions, accurately being guided by requirements of each of target groups. Special loose leaves in mailing for different categories of clients – one of our many possibilities.

Hot line of suppliers
(On all questions you can address by means of a form on a site.)

Possibility of registration of the contract on delivery of production, etc. terms of delivery

What advantages are received by suppliers of Golden House Group:
• business of suppliers develops together with company growth;
• Golden House Group offers the suppliers a new sales channel (wholesale trade);
• Golden House Group opens the new regional markets before the suppliers;
• suppliers of Golden House Group has an opportunity directly to present the production to professionals (the meat-processing enterprises, traders, restaurants, bars, hotels, booths etc.);
Golden House Group informs the clients on proposals of suppliers by means of direct Gold Mail.

You advisers

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