Distribution of food
Deep meatmanufactured
Low-temperature transport and warehouse logistics activity

25 regions of Russia

Client network:
More than 1 000 clients in various regions of Russia

Corporate values of Group:
Low prices
Wide range
Quality assurance of the goods
Development of infrastructure of regions of presence
Creation of new workplaces

Who our clients? Three groups of clients:
wholesale clients - meat-processing clients on the territory of the Russian Federation
hotel and restaurant business — hotels, restaurants, cafe, a catering;
other legal entities — traders, the markets and others, buying the goods for professional use.

Whether can buy the individual the goods?
No, Golden House Group is open only for professional clients. Our purpose — to create them all conditions for convenient, fast and effective purchase. Besides, our goods are packed by wholesale parties that isn't so convenient for private buyers.

If we the operator of wholesale trade, whether means it, what we carry out delivery of the goods to our clients?
In spite of the fact that business concept Golden House Group is based on shipment at own expense, today we offer professional clients of the company of service of the advanced order and delivery. With delivery terms on a company site, in the menu to Buyers.

Whether truth what in Golden House Group the prices more low, than at competitors?
Golden House Group has possibility to offer the clients the attractive prices thanks to some factors:
Wholesale parties. Our clients wholesale, therefore we too buy by the gross. Our huge purchasing possibility allows us to save considerably.
Possession of operational expenses. Being based on almost 8-year-old experience in trade area, we could optimize systems of logistics and management of a stream of the goods for minimization of operational expenses. This economy passes to our clients.
Combination of these two factors allows us to offer clients the most attractive prices.

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