McDonald's will relieve pigs of the contents in cages.

McDonald's избавит свиней от содержания в клетках
The American giant in a segment of fast food of McDonald's decided to listen, at last, to protests of defenders of animals and to regret pigs whom grow up in close cages. In the company recognized that this production technology of pork is unpromising and doesn't meet the requirements of modern society.
On Monday (local time) the McDonald's company, having published joint with the American society of protection of animals of The Humane Society the statement, declared that further doesn't begin any more use meat of the pigs grown up in cages. In this regard, McDonald's intends to oblige to pass the suppliers to the technologies which have not been connected with the maintenance of pigs in «inhuman conditions».
In the statement of the American producer of fast food it is specified that the contents in cages isn't worthy the future technology. «There are alternatives which, in our opinion, provide to pigs the best health», - consider in McDonald's. For its part, the organization on protection of animals of The Humane Society pays attention that million pigs are compelled to carry out all the life in close cages therefore they «are deprived of possibility freely to move and normally to exist». Human rights activists hope that the present solution of McDonald's not only will facilitate to pigs their life, but also, probably, some  feat other the companies to follow this example.

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