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Meat of young horses possesses good taste and a high postnost, and meat of the adults who were working much horses, has quite strong smell and sweetish smack. Beef hulk from horse is easy for distinguishing by quantity of edges (at beef 13, at horse 18), in a shape of an edge (a beef edge flat, and horse more roundish), and also on more dark color of meat. Fat of a horse-flesh possesses low temperature of melting and even when warming in a hand starts to melt slightly.
High-quality cutting of horse hulks pursues the aim of receiving parts with more or less homogeneous qualities on morphological structure and food value that allows to use rationally hulk in industrial processing.

The characteristic of separate parts of horse ink on their ratio depends on the scheme of the cutting applied in practice of work of meat-packing plants. Cutting of horse ink on nine parts and three grades is traditionally applied.
The first grade treat: back, chest, lumbar, coxofemoral parts and Pashin.
The second grade treat: a shoulder - scapular and cervical parts.

Shink belong to the third grade.


1-neckl part;
2-blade part;
3-back part;
4-chest part;
5-lumbar part;
7-coxofemoral part;

Let's pass to the detailed description (with a photo), cutting and parts of a horsemeat:
In the market of a meat of the Russian Federation producers of the countries of the Central and South America are presented generally: Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina other. On a photo the trademarks most demanded and sold in the market are presented:


HORSE-FLESH (forward quarters), in boxes, Uruguay

HORSE-FLESH (back quarters), in boxes Uruguay

HORSE-FLESH (forward quarters), in boxes, Argentina


TM Argentina (with the indication of a brand (trademark) and numbers of plants):

F.P Raul Aimar 2009

F.P QS Aimar 2009

F.P QS Aimar 2009

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